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          Windows & Doors Oakville
          Retailers & Professional Installers
          Online directory of windows & doors retailers and installation contractors in Oakville, Ontario.

        Oakville Windows & Doors

        Address: 1380 Speers Rd #7,
        Oakville, ON L6L 5V3
        Phone #: (905) 827-3200

        Cheney Window & Door

        Address: 2345 Wyecroft Rd #23,
        Oakville, ON L6L 6L8
        Phone #: (905) 847-2071

        Kolbe Gallery

        Address: 1525 Cornwall Rd #7,
        Oakville, ON L6J 0B2
        Phone #: (905) 338-8008

        Oakville Windows

        Address: 165 Cross Ave #512,
        Oakville, ON L6J 2W7
        Phone #: (289) 351-1011


        Address: 2512 Old Bronte Rd #4,
        Oakville, ON L6M 4J3
        Phone #: (905) 827-3331

        Clera Windows

        Address: Oakville, ON
        Phone #: (905) 842-9522

        Oakville is a suburban town in Southern Ontario, Canada. Located in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario, it is part of the Greater Toronto Area. As of the 2011 census the population was 182,520.

        Oakville has a long history of sporting. The Oakville Blue Devils of Canadian Soccer League is a recognized professional soccer team. The Blue Devils are affiliated with the Oakville Soccer Club, which is the largest soccer club in Canada. Oakville boasts over 60 soccer fields and a Soccer Club Facility with a 2 star full size FIFA Certified indoor soccer pitch.